Seattle Model Agency

Genesis Industries is a Seattle Model Agency that specializes in repreSeattle Model Agencysentation of models, actors, singers and more. We work aggressively with our models, actors and talent to develop and grow their careers. Genesis will generate a plan that will create exposure and can get you work locally, nationally and internationally.

We are a Seattle Model Agency but we are not limited to the west coast. We are an international conglomerate that works in a spectrum of industries. Whether it be runway/fashion, film, commercials or print, Genesis represents a variety of the best talents and works to provide our clients with every opportunity to grow quickly.

Genesis Industries has built trusting relationships with household brands, national and international, and consistently provide them with talent for their works. As a trusted and experienced agency,we will prepare you to work in the modern industry. You can be assured that our system of conducting business is professional, ethical,  tried and true. This is why business keep coming back to Genesis Industry and acquire about our talent.

GI represents a focused group of men, women and children. Our goal is to ready, maintain, grow, and improve our clients careers. If you would like to learn how to model in Seattle or you have been in the industry for a while and need a change. Contact Genesis industries, a Seattle Model Agency to represent you. Use our contact page to get in touch and we will schedule time to meet with you.